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Holidays …

So many celebrations … so little time!

Check out this blog on various December holidays http://thesteamerstrunk.blogspot.com/2010/12/ff-welcome-to-december-holidays-around.html  very interesting!

This year I will be making the traditional Christmas Turkey Dinner with all the “fixin’s”.  All gluten & dairy-free, of course.  Also, in an irrational moment, decided to have a small gathering on New Years Eve.  Cook, cook, cook … nah.  All simple to do, with a bit of planning and a bit of help!  Check the postings on my FB https://www.facebook.com/pages/SimplyYummy123/139865369835 and check back for recipes on this blog.

Christmas Through The Years:

In the long ago past we held a birthday party for my daughter on the 24th, a large family dinner on the 25th, a Boxing Day party on the 26th and a New Years Day Brunch/Party on Jan. 1st.  New Years Eve was celebrated at our restaurant.  Somewhere in there we would fit in a staff party.  Don’t know how we did it but it was all fun, albeit quite exhausting.

How many times have we over-extended ourselves, slaving away for hours only to have a half  hour seated at the table before it is time for clean-up.  YECH!  That is definitely NOT fun, nor celebratory!

One year I had an epiphany – enough shopping, cooking, organizing, planning … etc.  Let’s just enjoy and have fun with our children.  That was the first Christmas with a pre-cooked chicken, green salad, yams, broccoli & cauliflower salad for dinner and apple crisp for dessert … clean up was a breeze!.  This gave us the chance to enjoy opening the gifts with the girls and relax all day.  Friends dropped in for some Christmas cheer, we went visiting in the evening … so very peaceful.   Of course the table was nicely set – candles, a centre-piece and fine china.  The Boxing Day party was made easier by ordering some of the food and asking friends to bring an appetizer of their choosing.  Not as frenetic those two years.

Two years later … the Christmas Eve birthday party, Christmas Dinner and the Boxing Day party were all scrapped in favour of a family holiday in the mountains.  There were activities for the girls, activities for mom and dad, sleigh rides, pool fun and so much more … my favourite.

Things have changed yet again in the last 3 years!  The girls spend part of the holidays with their dad and part with me.  Challenging celebration meal? – not at all.  Whether it is the 24th, 25th or 26th, it is still our celebratory dinner together and a good time is had by all.  That is the one thing that has remained constant over the years – no matter where we are, who we are celebrating with or what is served up, it really is the company that matters!

Remember to plan wisely (keep it simple, delegate food tasks, the focus is on celebrating not running yourself into a delirium!), prepare what you can ahead of time (cookies, cakes, the house, the table setting, libations, entertainment – games, gifts, favourite family movie, decorations and anything to help make it as easy as possible on the “feast” day), then relax and enjoy your family and friends.  If you are invited out, ask your host/hostess what you can do to help.  Everyone should be having fun.  No one should be walking around with a grin/grimace pasted on their face with a frenzied look in their eye and a “Oh my, when will this be over” look on their face!

Take a break, change it up so everyone share in the joy of the occasion and above all – HAVE FUN!

Love, Peace & Joy to you.





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