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Berried Salmon

Thought I might try a little native twist to the wild sockeye salmon tonight …

This is completely new and untried (by me)!

Drizzled a little olive oil over all three pieces of salmon … ’cause olive oil is sooo good with almost everything! ¬†This part is not native but … creative license … a lot of this recipe is not … ūüôā

Looks Delicious!

Before The Oven!

Then drizzled a little REAL CANADIAN maple syrup over all. ¬†A splash of Tamari Sauce (wheat-free) and a heaping tablespoon or more of minced, fresh ginger. ¬†At this point I couldn’t decided whether to add anything else … garlic, dijon mustard, spices, herbs … so decided on nothing else … just fresh blueberries. ¬†Probably about 1 cup of fresh, delicious blueberries were poured on top. ¬†Popped the pan into the oven at 375¬į for about 20 minutes and immediately tasted, almost burning my mouth! ¬†Blueberries and salmon definitely go together well but I think it needs a little something extra. ¬†Definitely a little too much ginger – a little less or none at all next time … Perhaps mustard? ¬†Horseradish? ¬†More maple syrup? ¬†Will definitely keep refining this recipe and keep you up to date!

Light, Refreshing, very berryish!

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