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It took a while … planning, discussions, paperwork, introspection, tears, laughter and tons of hard work … Here I am, living in México … Thank You to my daughters for their Love and understanding, wherever we are in the world we are together.  Please, follow your dreams … make it happen for you.  Choose to be happy wherever you are and whatever you are doing!  Thank You to my dear friends for helping hands, ears that listen, kind and thoughtful words and homes to visit.  Bless you all for helping make this part of my dream come true!

And now … back to FOOD!!!

Wherever you are in the world you will find fish, chicken and pork … and many different veggies and fruits … most we know, like onions, garlic, cabbage, parsley/cilantro, carrots, potatoes, lemons/limes, bananas, etc.  Herbs, spices, veggies and fruits vary (some new, some not to be found, and finding the ones you know!).  Here in Mexico there is an abundance of some foods and a scarcity of others.  Some foods we Canadians/Americans have become accustomed to are difficult to find but with the help of others can be found and other foods … well … just not available yet.  Vine leaves, phyllo pastry, real greek feta cheese, dill weed, Miracle Whip … and a few others are either not available here or available at one store or another only some of the time.  We await the arrival of friends from home with eagerness, not only for their company but for the goodies they bring!  In the meantime we explore small and large food outlets – there is a Costco, a Wal-Mart (they are everywhere!), a Sam’s Club and a division of Wal-Mart, named Superama.  There are also many smaller, specialty grocery stores opening now, in response to the demand of the thousands of ex-pats living and eating here!  There are also a large number of Mercados (markets), with an abundance of fresh foods.  And the food is fresh!  Most foods offered at the market are grown in Mexico, picked when ripe and transported to the nearest market.  Food at the market is seasonal and very fresh!

So much to discover!

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