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Coco Chicken

So much happening lately … lots to relate … later.  Right now I am starving and ready to start dinner.

Here’s what’s on tonight …

Organic chicken breast, marinated in coconut milk (organic – without sulphites!) AND … umm, see if I can remember what I “selected” from the spice drawer … 4 Cardamom pods (green ones), turmeric – a healthy amount, cinnamon – ??? – it smelled so yummy – just a sprinkle, lots of black pepper, ground corriander – a good shake or two or three … 🙂  I think that was it!

Now to coat it in almond meal (crushed fresh almonds) and a quick fry in coconut oil, just enough to brown it on both sides.

Place on parchment paper or just a pan if you don’t have the paper, and cook for 30 min. at 375°.

Serving with a wild rice blend – to soak up all that delicious cocomilk which is definitely going to be added to a lovely, fresh Savoy Cabbage I purchased today.  Planning on slicing it up, adding a few cascabel peppers (dried whole), and not sure what else yet.  Tamari?  Green onions (scallions)?  Carrots?  Dill? Parsley?  Cilantro?

Maybe all of it!  Just gonna follow my nose and see what happens.  Check for the results on facebook:


Off I go to the kitchen!  Soooo HUNGRY!!!



If you are using almond meal either fry in a wok type pan or put lots of coconut oil OR dip in whipped egg before frying!  Just a quick fry, place one breast in, count to 3 and flip, count to 3 and remove to oven pan.

Being a bit lazy and ever so hungry … I put a little olive oil – 2 tbsp. (hey, I’m Greek! That’s a little to me!).  Added the rest of the can of coconut milk, more cardamom (green), some of the cascabel peppers (crushed with my hands) and about 2 tsp. of curry.  Then I added sliced carrots, the hard part of the cabbage sliced and let it all simmer for 10 minutes.  Sliced up the Savoy Cabbage and some chopped parsley (just grabbed a bunch with my hands and ripped it off), tossed it in, mixed it up and covered.  Reduced the heat and let it all simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes.

All smells LOVELY and SIMPLY YUMMY!  Well, off to eat now!  Enjoy, wherever you are!



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